at.tension #10 | September 5 til 8, 2024

The Kulturkosmos grounds will be bubbling over with theater, performance and music for four late summer days and nights! You can expect an international program of experimental circus, rousing street theater, contemporary puppet theater and much more. We are celebrating our jubilee and are entering a sparkling tenth edition - with productions that entertain, challenge and reflect. Are you in?

In order to make ticket allocation for at.tension #10 even fairer, this year we will let a raffle decide who gets an option to buy a ticket.
Unfortunately, the registration period has already expired.

The first raffle will take place on April 23, if your order wins in the first raffle, it will be released for purchase. Everyone winning in the first raffle need to transfer the money for the festival ticket by April 29 latest using a credit card. Unfortunately we can not accept delayed payments or any other payment methods.

If you are not lucky in the first raffle, your order still has a chance to win in our second raffle on April 30. You do not have to register again for the second raffle. The payment deadline for the second raffle is May 6.