at.tension #9 | September 8 til 11, 2022.

at.tension Festival #9 is sold out.

No festival tickets will be sold at the entrance. Neither adult tickets, children's tickets nor toddler tickets.

Please respect: No ticket - no entry.

Only chance to get a ticket now would be on our Kulturkosmos Forum

Festival Ticket

Everyone who is 16 years and older needs a Festival Ticket.
Children and teenagers need a specific children's ticket.
All ticket prices are with VAT included.


from €110.00 to €190.00
Soli Ticket

You have a little more money at your disposal? Then support Kulturkosmos and pay 40€ more as a donation. This makes it possible to offer the discounted Minimal Tickets.


Basis Ticket

The Basis Ticket costs 150€ to cover the generally increased costs of realising the festival.


Minimal Ticket

If you are really short of money, you can save 40€ with the Minimal Ticket.